Can you help spread the word about Expose Plan B by doing the following?

  • E-mail your friends and family a simple message like the one below. Simply copy and paste into your e-mail client to customize and send!

Dear Friends,

Today, I watched a shocking video at where a 15 year old girl was able to buy Plan B (the morning after pill) without a doctor or parent’s involvement but not common cold medicine! It’s outrageous to see just how far “political correctness” has gone! Can you take 5 minutes today to view the video and sign the petition at to tell Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS stores nationwide to stop selling this powerful drug to young girls and to stand up for the rights of parents?!

Your Name

  • Contact your Elected Officials in Washington, D.C. and your State Capitol and demand common-sense restrictions be placed upon the sale of Plan B, like preventing the sale of the drug to minors without parental consent and allowing drug store employees to refuse to sell the drug if their conscience dictates.


Thank you for your support!

- The team at Students for Life of America